[10.23.09] New HellMS updater!!! - Posted by HolyOne
we now have a HellMS updater :). it will take care of all the updates for you.. so you dont have to worry about new updates going wrong anymore.. just run the updater every time you wanna play on hellMS and it will let you know if there are updates...

if there are no updates it will start maple for you :). cool right? should prevent lots of you from getting dc'ed all the time...

now go get it and have some fun!
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oriey - 10-24-09 7:13 PM
Feedback: Positive
the updater didnt work -.- so i dled manually
HolyOne - 10-26-09 4:15 PM
Feedback: Positive
all updater problems are fixed now... had a few problems on this end ;) should all be working now
Kind - 03-22-10 10:29 PM
Feedback: Positive
i do MapleStory.exe right for the files?