[07.29.18] New client now available! - Posted by Helly
Sick and tired of the many crashes that can happen when you try to start maple? Well me to, so i edited our client and made some changes so it should happen a lot less.

There is a possible issue with 32bit versions of windows but i don't expect many ppl to use those so it should be fine. If you are 1 of those ppl, then delete the new "dinput8.dll" you will find in the rar file of the client download. It will cause the old crashes to come back but at least the game works again. Should a lot of you encounter this problem i will update the client again and provide a 32bit version of the file. My experiences with the 64bit version are a lot better though so hopefully its fine.

For other changes and a little more info on this go to the forum thread Here (click)
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