[08.22.09] Server Online. - Posted by HolyOne
I've taken the server offline for now..... it was somehow using 100% cpu and laggin everything.. got so bad i could hardly reach it through my network connection.... while its down im makin the changes to monsters and other stuff before i put it back up... should not be long... maybe 30mins max but should be back WAY sooner then that.

sorry about this... didnt see any other way... dont wanna be restarting more often for the changes

edit: Made as many changes as i wanna do now.... to tired for the rest... ill do them tomorrow... server needs restart everyday anyway
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WoloBoy - 08-23-09 9:49 AM
Feedback: neutral
Why is the server not working to me atm? I click on the character but nothing happens.. the screen is still moving but there is not even a black screen to get me out.. it just stays the same in the character picking section.. Is this normal or something? Is the server online atm?
Helly - 08-24-09 3:06 PM
Feedback: Positive
We're having some problems with the server... every few hours the memory fills up and it starts to lag. or it just randomly starts to use all cpu power and cause a huge amount of lag... we're workin on the problem while keeping the server up as long and as much as possible