[05.28.12] We will be back! - Posted by Helly
Oh yes, we will be back :D.

We are currently working on adding some things and changes some things in the server. To make things more fun and much cooler. We don't know how long this will take but if you keep an eye on the forum, you can follow the progress there.

If you want to join the discussions you can ask for your account to be activated in the open forum at the top of the forum!

I also hope you like the new look of the site :D.
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Aeverey - 06-05-12 1:04 PM
Feedback: neutral
will it still be v83?
Lucky - 08-09-12 3:58 AM
Feedback: Positive
Wow Really? I'm sooooo hyped for this. This was my all time favorite server and I loved the community on here.