[09.11.10] Update 5 is here.... - Posted by Helly
We're going to WZ update 5.

I will post a topic about the changes later. It;s not that much.. mostly fixes of things i screwed up in update 4. Like the merchants.

Run the updater to get the update.. should all work fine!

if not.. just let me know
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Aeverey - 09-17-10 8:52 PM
Feedback: Positive
This is the link for the update =] http://hellms.no-ip.org/forum/showthread.php?1552-Update-21
TurtleLovex3 - 10-09-10 5:38 PM
Feedback: Positive
Hey um for some reason when ever i double click my char i just d/c i did the update 5 anyone know whats going on?
Khmai - 11-10-10 11:39 PM
Feedback: Positive
same with me i d/c when i double click my char.
Helly - 11-11-10 11:14 AM
Feedback: Positive
try running the updater again. and try a different channel
RawrLove - 11-19-10 11:36 AM
Feedback: neutral
Uhm I am having a few problems and idk how to fix it 0.o. It's with the updater it wont work it's giving me this error "Error connection to the server: Socket Error #10061 Connection refused check the website for updates!" What do I do to fix this error? I really wanna start playing again
Helly - 11-20-10 9:51 AM
Feedback: Positive
sorry.. had some problems with the server here and i forgot to turn it back on... should be working again
RawrLove - 11-23-10 5:28 AM
Feedback: Positive
:] it worked but server's a lagger then last time I played idk if it's the server or if it's me... but Yeah it's like epic mob lags they just freez and keep attack no lag but mobs still lagged and every like 45 seconds the mobs will unfreez for one attack then freez again... weird Lol. it's so hard to level like that >x<
Helly - 11-23-10 7:38 AM
Feedback: neutral
that shouldn't be happening anymore... ill look into that.
Helly - 11-24-10 7:43 AM
Feedback: Positive
lags are on your end.... if you have any other problems... please use the forum.
RawrLove - 11-24-10 7:07 PM
Feedback: Positive
Alright sorry ><. and thanks for letting me know its me.
AhHai - 12-27-10 9:47 PM
Feedback: Positive
Erm.... why i always d/c after double clicking my char?? Can anyone help me ??? I did try the updater again and changed channel but still d/c-ing after i double click my char. Help me please.
Jayson - 03-09-11 5:21 AM
Feedback: Positive
Oh yeaa helly its me again anyway im only commenting on this is because i dont have an accout on fourms since i can privite message you or whatsoever but anyway is their any chance your gona change the Rates back to the way they were? the new rates has been makinng it less fun for me :/
Aeverey - 03-10-11 10:39 AM
Feedback: neutral
As GM of the server i can tell you the rates will not be changed back, we have talked long about changint the rates to this. sorry mate :)