[08.16.10] Server upgrade done! - Posted by Helly
The upgrade is finished now. Just some small things left to do like fixing some things in the auto updater and some other stuff. Will be doing this over the next few days. I will also be starting on the server that will replace the buggy router so hopefully that problem will be gone soon as well.

In case you're wondering about what kinda hardware the server has now. I will be posting that on the forum soon as i know people sometimes wonder about stuff like that, and some servers also lie about the hardware they have. So it's good to actually show you what the server is made of. I'll post some screenshots of the servers desktop with programs running that shows you all you need or want to know :P i also like showing off so this will give me that oppotunity ;)

If you're reading this... do us all a favor and ask your friends to join the server. Do anything and everything you can think of to get us more players. Our new server should be able to handle hundreds.. its just a question if the source can handle it.. but ill keep working on that.

we have good times ahead of us, so stay with us!
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shawn - 08-17-10 3:27 AM
Feedback: Positive
sweet, ive been going on alot of diff servers to advertise lol and i think its going well ;p hopefully ill c new people!
Wyatt - 08-27-10 3:38 AM
Feedback: Positive
I get disconnected when i click on my char to log on, any suggestions? ty