[08.04.10] Server updating to Quad core with 6GB - Posted by Helly
pretty soon the server will be updated to a Quad core q6600 2.4GHz with 6GB of memory. This will make the server a lot better.

There's more things that are going to change. If you want to know about em, read Here any questions about the changes can also be posted there.

Any comment is nice to hear. If you like the change.. let me know :P makes me wanna do the upgrade faster hehe
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Aeverey - 08-07-10 9:25 AM
Feedback: Positive
i really like it :D so with the new quad core we can let ppl make vids and flood youtube with movies about hellms, so more ppl wil join so we gm's can host more events :D *to bad im not at home playing hellms, i hope not to much things changed while i was gone*
DestinyDoom - 08-08-10 7:37 AM
Feedback: Positive
GM, I support this update ^^
shawn - 08-17-10 6:20 AM
Feedback: Positive
xD go helly go! i like this. ~firstlove