[05.24.10] Server back up and working! - Posted by Helly
Well the update is all done. Make sure you have the latest version of the updater (comes with the client so redownload if you already have the updater).

There were some issues with creating new characters... i apologize for that, i made a mistake with the code. It's all fixed now and new characters can be created. In the coming days i will be fixing some broken stuff like item refiners, guildPQ en some other things. I will also try to make the server more stable. After that its back to adding new stuff :D

have fun playing on this server ;)
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Yaoii - 05-24-10 8:17 PM
Feedback: neutral
When I downloaded this, and tried to use the HellMS Updater it reads everything as a trojan, so idk lol. Hoping I can get it to work.
AzureFlame - 05-26-10 12:06 AM
Feedback: Positive
wow i winder if this is normal or so but ma it looks as if the owner just comes and goes :D
De4thCrow - 06-06-10 2:35 PM
Feedback: Positive
i need help the updater is so slow i need help plz urgent!!!
Xander - 06-16-10 12:55 AM
Feedback: neutral
To quote the download section "If the updater is slow or not working click here to download Updater 2" , so if you are having trouble just click that and you'll be able to use that updater. If that doesn't work, disable your anti-virus. I have read on the forums that it might help and make sure you have your permissions on your firewall to allow the application to access the internet and make sure port 7735 or something like that is open. Go to the community page to read up on this guide for port allowance. Have fun in Hell. Let the Fires BURN!!
hazekitten - 06-25-10 1:05 AM
Feedback: Positive
I'm a newbie! I only got as far as making a character but it won't let me into the game..-