[04.01.10] Moving to v75 on April 4th! - Posted by Helly
We are moving to V75... we need progress... this is the best way to go i think...

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FlashSinZ - 04-03-10 12:44 AM
Feedback: Positive
So do we need to download a v75 client thingy now?
Crazywithstick - 04-03-10 11:27 PM
Feedback: Positive
To me, this is the best prvate server out there. The only thing that would have made it better to me would be to add the KOC and aran. Helly is now adding the KOC, mu lung dojo, and badges to the game, which is better than I had imagined. I'm just unhappy that I'm going to have to download v75 all over, just to access hellms, and that hellms is being wiped. I just got enough reborns to go to hell, so I'm unhappy. My plan for v75 hellms: -Be a page first -Then be a dawn warrior -get to hell as fast as possible!
Dylan - 04-07-10 10:30 PM
Feedback: Positive
Any Gm spots open :^D