[11.20] [Helly] Website all fixed
I finally fixed all the problems with the website that i know of :D

all equips that are in the game have been added to the site and should all be showing... if you miss something in your own character.. just let me know and ill check whats wrong....

I have also updated the rankings... they should be like GMS... when you search for yourself it will show you in the middle with the 2 ppl ahead of you and the 2 ppl behind you... from there you can also just scroll through the ranks with the next and previous buttons...

the same thing can be done with the fame and hellms points... nice right?

i would also like to announce here that i am planning to release the item update within a week.... might not make it but i'm really gonna try to make it... :)
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ScoobZ - 11-20-09 11:27 PM
Feedback: Positive
WOW nice work on the site Helly gratz on finishing it :D
Nutseed - 02-27-10 12:18 AM
Feedback: Positive
NICE, good work man... think you can let me IP address back into the game? that would be great :D... if you did/could