[08.31] [HolyOne] Added Items
The adding of new items is going well now. I have succesfully added the follwing:
all timeless weapons
all timeless equipment for all jobs.
A few pendants
A few capes
A hat for GM's only
All agent equipment
an NX sword (currently cant equip it, still working on that)
A NX mask
NX hats
NX capes
NX tops
NX shoes
12 Transformation potions
5 chairs
the Duck pet (love this pet lol)

After i get the NX sword equipped i will be making the WZ files available for download. So you can download while i build the NPC for the selling of the items (all will be 5 leafs to buy). At this point the items will not yet have been added to the server. When i have finished the NPC i will update the server and everyone who downloaded the WZ files will be able to join. Those that do NOT have the WZ files will crash when they try to login.

I like it this way because hackers will have to go through more trouble to get onto the server and at least some wont bother :).

I hope you will all be downloading the new WZ files and enjoy the server more. I'm far from done with adding new items and stuff. Next i will be building a new PQ :). So i hope you will all have fun and enjoy the new stuff.
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Amit - 09-01-09 11:28 PM
Feedback: Negative
I can't download it. When i click on the link it opens the download window but doesn't show the file's size so when i click "start download" it just opens the download window and says: "Unknown" in the size, time left.. Can anyone upload it in MediaFire or Rapidshare so i could download it from there?
HolyOne - 09-01-09 11:34 PM
Feedback: Positive
lol if its downloading its downloading.... doesnt matter if the file size is shown... it will stop when it has the entire file
Amit1 - 09-02-09 6:33 PM
Feedback: Positive
lol.. you didn't understand. It pops up the download window and doesn't even starts the download.. it just freezes at the point (start) and doesn't make any progress.. I am from Israel and my gf can't download it either..
HolyOne - 09-02-09 10:21 PM
Feedback: Positive
Hmmm weird... theres nothing stopping you from downloading on this end... so must be on your end somewhere... other ppl have downloaded it fine.... if someone wants to upload it to a site like mediafire or rapidshare i dont mind...
Lucas - 09-03-09 6:14 AM
Feedback: Negative
Still can't log in with new files. More details at my forum post http://hellms.no-ip.org/forum/showthread.php?t=72
HolyOne - 09-03-09 5:58 PM
Feedback: Positive
The download section now has a rapidshare link in it... use that if the first link doesn't work