[08.25] [HolyOne] New items worth the download of wz files?
If you've seen the forum lately you will know that i figured out how to add any new item from the new versions of maple (GMS). The price for this is that you MUST have the wz files. if you don't have them the game will crash. as soon as you log in.....

my question is.... do you have a problem with this?

vote @ the poll plz!

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Cloud - 08-25-09 9:46 AM
Feedback: neutral
I don't mind downloading the wz files. I think it would be great to get the newer items.
Cain - 08-26-09 4:46 PM
Feedback: neutral
As long as the file ain't too big, I'm cool.
HellMS - 01-10-10 10:48 AM
Feedback: Positive
Seems good to me;) I got a edited skill.wz if you need it, it's awsome. Why? It looks good(I mean the skills and leveling). I have used it, but not on this server. Just contact me if your interested;)