[08.16] [HolyOne] Server info!
OK I really think this should be somewhere and because i do not have a forum (and don't really know if ill ever install one) ill post it here. All the server info i think you want to know.

EXP: 1000x
MESO: 1000x
DROP: 2x

A few others things of interest:

- Dash has been disabled

- I work with Rings as max stat items which can be obtained when all stats have been raised to 32000 (meaning a total of 128000 AP). This is really what is checked for. most other servers check for 120000 and only give rings with stats at 30k. here its 32k :). also no worry about losing AP. 128000 is removed from the AP the rest is left over for you :).

- boss summoners in every FM. for 8Mil you can summon the most common bosses.

- im working on converting zipangu in a new fighting ground. tougher monsters with more HP. Also planning on making a boss monster with 2Billion HP for some party action :)

got idea's? let me know. here or in-game
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Helly - 08-17-09 1:07 PM
Feedback: Positive
The buff times are also changed and last far longer now. Timeless weapons will become available using our own currency. Which will be Acorns :P. Don't bother looking for monster that drop them... there are none left :P