[09.16] [Kazuku] Its coming!
Well, its been a while since I actually told you guys that I have been working on an HellMs video. Sadly, I have hit a few bumps on the road with the lack of players to help me that is why I decided to not bother on waiting and try to work without but people are still more then welcome to join! I got some good news though, I will be presenting a "test" if you like to call it, test video where I will be showing at least glimps of the actual main video only the music is different along with its only going to be added clips. Its also a test to see where ever or not YOU would like the video itself, criticizer are allowed to comment of course (: It will just help me to learn how to work harder on the video and work harder on my media skills :3 Thanks for reading this! Leave comments if you must either here or on the forum sheet on my profile (Kazuku) ^ . ^
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