[08.19] [Helly] Whats next.....?
Yup another blog... I have decided to use these things to write about what im thinking.... Thinking of doing for the server... What been going on etc.... Thought it might show people whats going on and whats going to happen in the future. Might have to warn you though i might get carried away a little with the blogging and type a wall of text :p ill try to make it fun to read hehe. This one is about some thoughts i have about things to add to the server. Ill type them i the order i plan to do them.

So with the wz problems finally fixed i decided to start working on adventure hell today. With the last wz update i added new equipment and weapons that adventurers will be able to find there. I also added a map that will function as the sort of town in hell... The place you warp to... In this map are 6 portals. Each of these will warp you to 1 of the six areas in neo tokyo, which is what im using for hell.... Obviously... I was going to start with a test in the first area... Which is 3 maps containing new slime mobs. Red, silver and gold/yellow. I gave the mobs an hp amount of ~200k. Which sould be fine. However the first problem came from the entrance map.... The portals wouldn't work... I've tried everything i can think of... They just won't work..... At least not without yet another wz update..... So another one is coming.... Case closed on adventure hell... For now.

Before that wz update (which will ONLY contain 1 single updated map) i am going to try to fix the bugs that have been reported... Starting with the problem kaz and now chocko are having. After that the pet problems... Both spawning and looting. I have a pretty good idea of where the spawn problem lies... Next to no idea about the loot problem....

I am also going to seroously cut down the website.... The ticket crap is going out, the login stuff is going out, which means unfortunately other gms cant blog... Not that they do anyway but i would like them to... So if they want it they'd only have to tell me and ill create a program that will make it possible for them to blog lol... Pretty sure they dont want to though.. They never have... Anyway... Cutting down the website also means no more character fixes... But im pretty sure no one actually uses those anyway... What youll see at the left side of the website will be the nornal menu you see when you login now... Except the crap we dont need of course....

After the wz update and fixing hell, im going to implement old suggestions... Double leaf drops, selling equipment for leafs etc.... After that im going to start doing tests on an idea i've had since we moved to v75, and about half an hour before i started to type this i came up with an extention of that idea.... Its just an idea so id like some thoughts from you all about this. I'd call it UFJQ, or Unlimited Flash Jump Quest. The idea is to use ufj to fly through a map with a path laid out surrounded by teleporters that warp you back to the beginning. Might be difficult to understand but as soon as i start on this ill show you all with a youtube video.

Speaking of youtube... Id really like you all to start creating videos about hellms on youtube. Short or long, doesnt really matter. Just show people what you like abut the server. But please dont tell lies like we have a lot of people online... Doesn't help because people find out fast enough that it aint true.

Finally ill be kicking out the GM's that have left us and delete all of their characters. They're gone and should they return they can reapply for gm if they want... I just dont want to look through their stuff to see if they have cheated items. Which im really sure they all have...

Well just my thoughts for today.... Wanted to write these down before going to sleep.

Hope you like the thoughts i have for the server... If not just let me know somehow... And if you want to share your own thoughts... You can always post a suggestion topic on the forum..

Bye for now ;)
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Cute - 08-21-11 11:40 AM
Feedback: Positive
Awesome blog to update us with pretty much everything. I'd like to say something even though your cutting the website down please don't remove character fixes cus I do use it and if its gone the characters will be stuck forever cus GM might not be online or too busy and afk so don't remove it please. Also I really would like it if you removed auto register.... It's just so annoying I have made many accounts by mistake when I miss type the username and I even made an account which I miss typed the password.