[08.10] [Helly] whats going on?
Well lets get bloggin again... hehe

fixed some problems in the WZ files today... went almost completely nuts doing it but i'm almost done now. Tested the fixed Mob.wz and i got through the Dojo without any DC or problems... so thats good hehe. The map where you would DC atm in hell is also working.

Going to finish the WZ update later this week. Maybe tomorrow.

earlier i probably saw our first hacker on V83... but he was to lazy to update so he didn't even get in-game... yay for us right? I just had to lol at that when i saw it...

Going to test and check neo tokyo before i update the WZ files... i want it to be the hell for adventurers so i need to know if we're gonna get that 1 dmg hit when we walk through there... if that is the case i will have to raise the accuracy for the mobs in neo tokyo.. already saw that neo is quite big.. so i will just start with the coolest area and work from there... ill probably get some idea's for the other area's so in time we'll have some cool stuff to do as adventurers in neo :).

I also have an idea about how to make adventurers able to do kerning and Ludi PQ... just an idea for now.. will have to do some testing to see if it will work... will be using the same thing as i use on the oblivion chief guardian and bosses in the temple... change their HP in the code and make it work like that... i think it should work.. would make the adventurers have more to do hehe

just wanted to say it somewhere.. i figured why not use the blog for it hehe... now i just hope someone reads this lol
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