[01.18] [Helly] preparing for testing... things went wrong again :
Finished the WZ patch yesterday.. wanted to edit the updater today and put the whole thing online.... things were a bit of a mess here on my pc so i wanted to straighten things out first.... had to install a few programs and one of them screwed up a lot of things.... the worst of which was blocking my access to the updated code... which i hadn't saved anywhere else :(.

this screwed up my whole day... as it took the rest of it to get the code back.... which i have now hehe. lost nothing and tomorrow i can finally edit the updater and put everything online and get people testing on the v83 source.

it's gonna be AWESOME! :D

ps... we should use this crap more often.... or doesn't anyone read this? :|
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Cute - 01-21-11 6:16 PM
Feedback: Positive
I just noticed this now and ya i guess its good idea should Blog more often