[05.10] [Helly] More new stuff coming
I have been making some changes in the server code that have delayed the finishing of the Timeless Temple. I can't finish the temple until these changes have been done. They will make the server more efficient and hopefully more stable.

once the changes have been finished the timeless temple will be done quickly. The only thing it's missing is some drops and the HP of the mobs in the temple (not the bosses, they have been given the 2b+ HP's already ;)).

The drops of the bosses will be the Balanced fury throwing star and the Devil's balls Arrow. All the bosses will also have a rare drop of the Rock of Time for the creation of the timeless equipment.

the timeless equipment stats will be changed to make them more power full.... the stats will not be insanely high.. just a bit higher then normal. They will also have no level limit. To change the level limit however will require an update of the WZ files. To make this more useful i will be adding a few extra items from the newer versions of maple. These will probably also include some new medals which will be used for the other JQ's so we can have medals for those as well... these will have lower stats then the current JQ's as they are a lot easier to do :P.

if you have idea's for new items or features.. feel free to post them in the suggestions section of the forum. (use the new item thread in the suggestions for the items)

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