[04.28] [Helly] More stuff coming up!
Hi there.... another blog :P

just want to mention some things im working on.... working slow but still... better then nothing right?

I've added the top 10's of the JQ's where you can get a medal. Log in and go to the control panel. You'll find it there.

I'm also working on some update for the server code. These changes will fix some bugs. An important fix is the one for the dojo... currently the kills aren't counted (my fault sorry). I am also going to add ring effects and some other fixes. Don't give me the credits though... i've just downloaded a new version of the source i based the server on..... the creators of that source get all the credits (its shootsource for those that want to know :P)

There are some more changes.... it would seem ariant PQ was added... also some pieces of henesys pq.... i've tested none of it yet as im still adding the fixes... i'll leave the testing up to you all :P

if you have any idea's for the website or the server... put up a suggestion topic on the forum.

bye bye for now ;)
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Jayson - 01-05-11 3:34 AM
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aye helly can u activate my accout name is zslayer369.